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03 July 2014


The key to all nutraceuticals is not the amount that you take, but the amount that your body absorbs. Taking most nutraceuticals on an empty stomach limits the amount that your body can absorb. 
Some vitamins are fat-soluble, so you must ingest some fat with them. Others are water soluble, so water is an important catalyst for absorption. How the manufacturer puts the supplement together also determines the rate at which your body absorbs it. Not all companies follow the same guidelines for production. 
Educate yourself on the specific brands over the counter. The list of nutraceuticals is not a complete encyclopedia of supplements. 

As with most nutrients, minerals must travel through the venous system to the liver before becoming available to the body. Fiber binds to minerals and other compounds and can interfere with the absorption process. Fiber is a highly used supplement, especially in the elderly population, that delays absorption in the stomach. 
If you’re taking your vitamins and minerals at the same time as you take your fiber; the fiber will bind to the vitamins and minerals, causing limited absorption and the benefits lost. Environmental toxins and health disorders of the small intestine and liver can additionally modify the absorption rate.
Not everyone should take the same cocktail of nutracueticals. Depending on your age, diet, schedule, genetics and goals, the time and amount of nutracueticals will change.
Although it is possible to get the daily-recommended amounts of vitamins and supplements from your diet, most people don’t. Supplementing your daily, healthy diet with vitamins and supplements is a relatively risk free way of maintaining the proper ratios of nutrients in your system.
Drinking water on a steady basis throughout the day is a necessary component to any diet. Water helps your body metabolize the nutrients more efficiently so you may reap the benefits of a proper lifestyle.
Most people drink less than half the amount of water required to keep their body hydrated. A rule of thumb is for every 100 pounds of bodyweight, you must drink 50 ounces of water per day. This does not include what you drink when you are eating. 
The water ingested during a meal is used by your body to help in the digestive processes. In order to hydrate properly, drink 4-6 ounces of water at a time: many times throughout the day. Your body can only absorb 4-6 ounces of water at a time. The excess will spill over through your kidneys and then flushed down your toilet. You want your body to absorb the water, not get rid of it.


18 June 2014





26 May 2014


 Piazza Eleonora Duse n. 4 20122 Milano

 Trussardi 1911 
launched a Furniture Collection in 2008 
at the Salone del Mobile Furniture Expo 
in Milano

The Furniture Collection shows Trussardi Group's 
commitment to excellence 
keen focus on research and innovation 
in new forms of home decor.

C.F. e iscrizione Registro Imprese Milano
P. IVA 08766830155
CC.II.AA. 1239427  

Trussardi 1911 
an Italian Fashion and Lifestyle Brand
celebrates over 100 years in

The House Trussardi
and a women’s line of ready-to-wear.

Charmant GROUP manufactures and distributes Trussardi Eyewear
 expressing an authentic state of comfort or elegance in a subtle technique.

The TRUSSARDI brand 
expresses a contemporary spirit Live through social channels. 

TRUSSARDI LIVE shares special evenings
with the constantly evolving style
of its comptemporary corps.

The TRUSSARDI World expresses values
through events and special projects
that are inspired by the family’s passions. 

At Café Trussardi Gaia Trussardi,
Creative Director of the group

introduces her passion for music in an elegant setting showcasing performers
such as the Editors, Joan As Police Woman, and Jamie Cullum.

The greyhound,
a symbol of agility and energy,
was embraced as a logo
identifying all TRUSSARDI products.

Nicolas Trussardi visioned to create a brand
whose style
would embrace every aspect of life,
always positioning for the highest specifications.

preserves the advantages of a family métier
to accommodate the pace and lifestyle of our changing times.





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